Saturday, October 29, 2005

Maduraiyin Jyothi Sri Natana Gopaala Naayaki Swamikal

Bhahoonaam Janmanaam Anthey Jnaanavaan Maam Prabhathyathey
Vaasudeva Sarvam ithi sa Mahaathmaa suthurlabha:

As Geethaachaaryaa said, only after involved in good actions in many lives, and after achieving the Grace of Lord, one attains the state of Wisdom that 'Everything is Vaasudeva - eating, sleeping, drinking, and all actions are indeed God Himself'. Also as Sri Krishna further said, such a Mahaathmaa is very rare indeed.

Such Mahaathmaas incarnated in various states of India during 19th Century and led the common man towards the righteousness by their example and wisdom. While Sri Raamakrishna Paramahamsaa and Swaami Vivekaanandaa were living in Bengal, a Mahaathamaa 'Sri Natana Gopaala Naayagi Swamikal' lived in Madurai of Tamilnadu and led the people in a life submerged in Bhakthi.

In this blog, we will see the meanings of his songs written in the Language 'Souraashtram'.

- summarized from the Tamil book 'Sri Natanagopaala Naayagi Swamikal Keerthanai'.