Monday, November 07, 2005

Naayagi Swamikal - 1

Natanagopaala Naayagi Swamikal was born in the year 1843 at Madhurai in Sourashtra Brahmin Community in the family of Chinnakonda, also known as 'Koppaan'. His parents were Sri Renkaaryar and Srimathi Lakshmi Ammaal. His parents gave him the name 'Raamabadhran'. He did not flourish in school studies. But his Bhakthi and Wisdom were beyond limits. Out of the nine types of Bhakthi the one that came naturally to him was 'Nayagi Bhaava Bhakthi'. In this type of Bhakthi, the devotee considers the Lord as the 'Naayagan' and himself/herself as the 'Naayagi'. He lived very naturally with this type of Bhakthi. He lived as 'Natanagopaala Naayagi' himself. It was very natural for him to be immersed in Bhakthi with tears flowing out from eyes due to the overflow of Bhakthi, falling down like a tree without any roots while dancing and singing His Glories, and always immersed in the contemplation of His Divine Lotus Feet. All his songs show his unlimited Bhakthi clearly.

He has sung thousands of songs in both Sourashtram, his mother tongue and Tamizh, the regional language. Unfortunately not all of them have been recorded. His devotees living in various parts of Tamilnadu are singing many of his songs regularly during their worship. Those songs are very simple in the way they describe the 'Thathvam - the facts about the Lord and the Universe, Hitham - the way to attain the Ultimate benefit for the living being, and Purushaartham - the Ultimate benefit to be attained, the Lord Himself'. Those songs explain clearly the exalted state of Swami's Bhakthi and these songs can easily make a person to immerse into Bhakthi.


தி. ரா. ச.(T.R.C.) said...

swamikalin varalarai ezhuthiyathrkku migvum nandri. padalgalai paditha udan ezhuthyavarai partiya chithanai vanthathu.bhakthi rasam thathumbum varigal, patinathar allathu chithar padalkalai ninaivu paduthukirathu nandri TRC

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Thiru. TRC. There will be some more details about Swamikal in next few postings. Please continue to visit and read about Swamikal. Once his history is completed, his songs will be translated into English.

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