Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Naayagi Swamikal - 2

In the young age itself, Swamikal was a great person with great detachment. Even though he was born in Madurai, 12 years of his childhood were spent in Kumbakonam as his parents were living there. When he reached the marriage age, his parents started preparing for his marriage. He refused to get married and sang the song 'Nokko Ambo Mogo Horaadu - Mother; I do not want to get Married' (this song will be explained in one of future postings). He reached Madurai and spent around 12 years in severe penance in a cave on the backside of Thiruparankundram hill.

He received the blessings of Lord Muruga. As per His Direction, Swamikal met a Sivayogi named Sri Nagalinga Adigal at Paramakudi and became his disciple. He learned the methods of Pranaayaamaa (regulating the breath to acheive spiritual benefits) from Sri Nagalinga Adigal and became adept in it. From that time he was known as 'Sri Sadananda Siththar'. His songs touch the experiences he got during this period also.

He went for Theertha Yathra around Eastern and Southern Tamilnadu. When he reached Azhwaar Thirunagari Thirukurugoor, the birth place of the great Azhwar Nammaazhwaar, he got the Dharshanam of Sri Vadapathrasaayi Jeeyar who was a great Sanyaasi and Propagator of Sri Vishishtaadvaitha Philosophy. He was convinced by the words of Sri Vadapathrasaayi Jeeyar, that there is no other better path than Saranagathi in this Kaliyuga and Sri Kesava is the God who can give Moksha. He bacame the disciple of Araiyar and learned the Vishishtaadvaitha Philoshopy. Jeeyar gave a name 'Natanagopaalan' to Swamikal. He learned Naalaayira Divya Prabhandham, the divine songs of Alwaars. He decided that the Naayaka Naayaki Bhaava was the best among the nine types of Bhakthi to feel the Lord closest and hence started practising the Naayaki Bhaava. Seeing his great involvement and how natural it was for him to get into Naayaki Bhaava, Sri Vadapathrasaayi Jeeyar called him with the name 'Natanagopaala Naayaki'. From this point onwards, Swamikal referred to his Guru affectionately in all his songs, mentioning that due to the Grace of his Guru that he attained the Path to Liberation.

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